Stavros // Koukaki

"You know what you should do with this picture of me? Print it and put it somewhere near children's food!" - Stavros, Koukaki

(In Greece, parents & especially grandparents are threatening the children with the story of a scary old man that appears if the children don’t eat their food! ❤ Greece)

"ξερεις τι να κανεις με αυτή τη φωτογραφία; εκτύπωσε την και βάλτην κάτω από το φαγητό των παιδιών!" (έτσι ώστε να φοβούνται και να τρώνε όλο το φαγητό τους!)

-Σταύρος, Κουκάκι

#people #koukaki

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