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Here To Stay.

Since this Friday, 22nd of February, I am taking part in an exhibition with the title "Here To Stay!". The exhibition takes place until the end of March in the Street Art Gallery "Alibi" in Psirri in the heart of Athens. The exhibition showcases the artwork of five foreign artists that came to Athens from abroad and decided to live here permanently.

I have five of my drawings on display there, featuring street scenes from Athens (I got inspired to do them during my many walks through the city center).

The other artists are: David Fenwick from England, Maxim Heller from the United States, Lydia Birdly from Russia and Demitrios Amneris, who is from Greek descent but spent most of his life abroad (Florence, Italy) and came back to Greece in 2015.

Check it out, it's definitely worth a visit.

Best, Alex

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