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Athens 1st Cemetary

Today I went for the first time in my life to the 1st Cemetary of Athens... I saw some pictures on the internet before and it kind of reminded me of the famous Père Lachaise Cemetary in Paris. Also many well known Greek personalities including musicians like Nikos Xilouris, Dimitris Mitropanos Sotiria Bellou, Stratos Dyonisou (the graves o

f them are all very close by each other) and many more are buried here, I like their music and I‘m interested in Greek culture so I thought I paid a visit. It‘s a quiet place that fills you with awe but it’s spring also and many flowers are blooming and there are a lot of cats so there’s life and there’s a beauty to it. Nevertheless, I’m talking too much, these are my favorite pictures from the ones that I took there! (And go see it for yourself if you haven’t been, it’s interesting!) Also by far I didn't see the whole cemetary today, for that I have to go another time!

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